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 What is PowerBatch?

PowerBatch is a command line PowerBuilder/PocketBuilder compiler and can be used for batch compiling PowerBuilder projects with a lot of useful options.

 PowerBatch Overview

PowerBatch provides the following features:

  • command line compiling mode
  • support of PowerBuilder 5 - 12 classic and PocketBuilder 1.5/2.0
  • automatic detection of installed PowerBuilder/PocketBuilder version
  • import existing PowerBuilder projects
  • check for duplicate objects
  • output files in any directory (not just PBL directory)
  • migration, regeneration or building of one or more selected libs
  • backward migration of application to previous PB versions
  • optimization of libraries
  • support of XP style controls in PB application
  • export source for objects, libraries, entire application
  • import object source 
  • import unicode sources to non-unicode PowerBuilder application
  • full (bootstrap) import from application sources 
  • delete objects
  • support of FAR MultiArc plugin (in conjunction with PBLDump utility shipped with PowerBatch)
  • support of Perl scripts

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