What's New in PowerBatch v.3 ?

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 What's New in PowerBatch v.3 ?

New PowerBuilder version support

PowerBatch introduces support for PowerBuilder 12, 12.5 and PocketBuilder 1.5/2.0.

PowerBuilder 10-12.5 are Unicode enabled and PowerBatch provides tools for migration to/from other non-Unicode versions of PowerBuilder.

When used with PocketBuilder, PowerBatch can build your application for any PocketPC platform your PocketBuilder version supports.

Automation support

PowerBatch introduces support for PBL optimization. Optimization is required when your libraries become fragmented with time and therefore become larger and slower. Automated daily or monthly optimization can avoid such problems.

PowerBatch now can manage your executable version resources automatically. You can specify an INI file for storing current version and PowerBatch will increment it before every build and write this version to your EXE.

XP style controls support

As of version 9, PowerBuilder supports new (XP) visual style controls in your application. Now you can specify a PowerBatch option to use XP style controls.

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