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	"Package" is the collection of files which are the source code of 
	PSRDump provided to you by Copyright Holder.
	"Package name" is PSRDump.

	"Copyright Holder" is the author of the package, Anatoly Moskovsky.

	"You" is the package licensee (a person or an organization).

1. You may freely modify and embed any part of the Package into any your 
   application or library provided you do not distribute the 
   source code of the embedded part of the Package and provided you do not use 
   the Package Name as part of any distributable file's name.

2. You may not disclose the Package, any part of it, or its modifications 
   to any third party.

3. This Package is provided AS IS. No warranty of any kind is expressed or
   implied. You use the Package at your own risk. 

4. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by Copyright Holder. 

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