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 Demo evaluation

You may evaluate PBInvoke demo for period of 30 days. After this period you may not use the software unless you pay the registration fee.

The demo version of PBInvoke works only in PowerBuilder IDE. Compiled applications will not work.

View License before downloading.

PBInvoke 1.0.2 Demo [384 Kb]


There are the following samples:
BrowseForFolder Setting starting directory in the "Browse For Folder" dialog.
This sample demonstrates working with PB callbacks.
See for details.
SetWindowHook Setting file type filter in the "Save As" dialog.
This sample demonstrates working with structures, PB callbacks and callback message filters.
The sample is based on SetWindowsHookEx sample from Codexchange.
PBInvoke Samples (All PB versions) [1173 Kb]

If you have questions regarding the evaluation, please, contact Evaluation Support

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